7 Ways You Can Make Money Online Right Now at Home

Do you want to figure out how to make money online so you can pay for your trip when the coronavirus dies down? International Living, a website dedicated to helping people live and travel abroad, has just released a powerful new report on 7 ways to make money in retirement.

The report is for retirees looking to fund their lives abroad, but here's a secret: Between tips on opening a gallery, becoming a guide, or joining the craft beer revolution, you'll find helpful advice that anyone can take advantage of. make money online.

Make money online now

1. Sell your photos

Do you have photography skills or do you live in an area where images are in demand? Stock photography websites are huge repositories of photographs covering almost every possible topic you can imagine, advises International Living. So how does it work?

 Photographers can upload their images to any of the huge databases, allowing magazine editors, designers, or any organization with a website to purchase them. And the beauty of stock sites is that photos can be sold as many times as you want, so you can keep making money without any effort. Visit photography sites: Shutterstock, Photoshelter, and Getty Images.

2. Become a copywriter

Do you want to make a big income no matter where you live - in a house by the sea in Latin America, in an old European city, or even on a Greek island? Copywriting can be perfect for you. According to International Living, Copywriting is a mega-industry full of opportunities. And the pursuit of people who can fuel it with fresh marketing messages and one of the best benefits of being a freelance copywriter is that you can get paid in US dollars ... but still live virtually anywhere in the world. Express Writers gives advice on how to become a copywriter and is also a source of vacancies.

3. Convert your interests into a paid podcast.

Podcasting doesn't have to be difficult, says International Living. With a microphone, laptop, and free recording software, you'll be ready to go. In addition, podcasts do not need to be launched every day (preferably once a week), and it is better if they are short. There are several ways to make money on a podcast. The most obvious is commercial sponsorship, but you can also use it as a platform to advertise your own products or services. NPR has a great guide to launching a podcast.

4. Become a translator and interpreter.

Do you speak another language? Wherever you find expatriate communities - and where English is not your first language - you will need interpretation and translation services. You can also do translation and interpretation online. Here you will find a number of resources to become a translator or interpreter; one of the best is Welocalize, which ranked # 1 on this list of the Top 20 Remote Work Companies in 2020.

5. Tutor

Starting your own tutoring service can be a lucrative business, providing a comfortable and flexible lifestyle, advises International Living. Best of all, you can start a tutoring business in almost any country in the world. Tip: Offer discounts to customers who are promoting your business. Word of mouth marketing is still one of the most valuable marketing tools you can use in the beginning, advises International Living. Tutors.com has a list of the best online tutoring jobs and you can also apply for a tutoring role at Tutorme.com.

6. Type of cash

Are you typing fast? Decryption is simple: listen to the audio file through headphones and print it. As a translator, your salary depends on how fast you type, advises International Living. Transcription jobs are billed per audio hour (audio file length), not per hour worked. The time it takes to transcribe depends on the sound quality, background noise, the speaker's accent, and the speed at which people speak. An average transcriptor ranging from 75 to 100 words per minute will complete one audio hour in four hours of work. Consider Rev.com, a company that employs freelance translators.

7. Discover the e-book.

An e-book business is a great way to make money. You can create your own (Kindle has a guide on how to do this). Or find a book that has already been published in print and license it to publish on the Internet. You can pay the author an 8-15% royalty on net sales or a one-time payment for Internet publishing rights.